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Fayetteville Public Library Installation Complete

70 hours of installation (high up on a lift) later, about a year's work before that making approximately 2,000 hand-manipulated slipcast keys... Special thanks to Sam Palmer and the crew at FPL for hanging the grids themselves and letting me spend so much time up there installing. I learned so much from this whole experience. I am really grateful and proud of this piece.

Scale Model for Large Scale Installation

Made a scale-ish model for the large installation I am working on to figure out the placement of these grids and the form of the murmuration. There will be more than a thousand keys in this piece

Craft in Contemporary Art at Site:Brooklyn

Thank you to Site:Brooklyn for including me in Craft in Contemporary Art in March of 2020

Ceramic Center of Berlin Residency

This residency in Berlin in September 2019 was lovely and productive. My friend Jo Victoria, a ceramic artist who lives in Australia (we met at a residency in Denmark), was able to meet up with me for the month, and we were so lucky to be grouped with Devin Ball, a potter from Seattle. I love this city. Thank you to Thomas Hirschler and Kaja Witt for hosting me.

Cocoon Cloud Installation

Many thanks to the University of Arkansas for letting me use this beautiful gallery (and for building the hanging grid) to install this Cocoon Cloud work in progress.

Featured Artist at Fenix Collective

Thank you Fenix for featuring this Wandering Uterus panel in their Our Universe show in conjunction with Artosphere 360

Art Fields 2019

Thank you Art Fields 2019 for jurying Murmuration into your show.

Artist 360 Project Grant

I am so proud and excited to receive this grant, and to be included in the first group of Artist 360 fellows -- lovely and talented folks.

Hotel 21c

Thank you Hotel 21c for including Murmuration (with Stripe) in your Elevate program. I loved seeing it installed this way.

Guldagergaard Residency

I had an amazing time at this residency in beautiful Skaelskor, Denmark. It is located in a public park, and I fell asleep listening to frogs and ducks in the pond outside my window.

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