STATEMENT, or a collection of THOUGHTS

Made out of ceramic, thread, wire, and wood, the work is an investigation of phenomena that make my heart lift for a second – lately, constellations and murmurations (flocks of birds). A long-running theme has been anatomy, which for me is a reminder both of mortality and also of the strong similarity that all people share under their skin.

The practice itself is often an exercise in accretion – the accumulation of tiny parts that transform into much larger whole. 


Communication, or making myself understood, is something I struggle with.  The work is an attempt to find a more satisfying language, a lexicon of birds and stars, and also of clouds, dark masses, and viscera. Constellations are a historical record of that impulse to make something make sense – literally connecting the dots to assign the meaning. 

All the work is about time, in some way.  The murmurations or bird groupings are a freeze frame, the constellations are a nod to deep time, the organs are tiny, fragile, and gold --  a way to acknowledge the plumbing that will ultimately stop working at some point.  Ceramic is dirt, dust -- like the stars, like us.  Ceramic also has the potential to last for thousands of years, offering a toehold into disrupting the scale of time afforded to most humans.